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Welcome to Castle Softwares support page. Please note that we recommend you post any support queries on our forum before contacting us via other methods.


Forums are where we spend most of our time, posting information and details about our products and games. We recommend that you take a look at the forums in the first instance before contacting us using other methods.

You can access our forums using the following link:


Game and Product Support

For all support queries relating to iPhone/iPad products you should first confirm that the product App store does not contain an update. For all future products and updates we will be placing the version on the menu of each product. You can compare this with the App store and product versions on our webpages.

For all other queries please use the Support forums linked above.


If you are interested in the latest product and news from the Castle Software team, click on the twitter logo to go to our twitter site.
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We are also on Facebook…anything we post on Facebook is replicated on twitter, so at least you know you don't have to visit both to keep up with all the latest Castle Software news.


For any sales based queries please contact us via the contact us link at the bottom of this page.
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